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The mental health and wellbeing of our world is at a crisis point.

Together, we can change that.

People are burnt out. Exhausted. Now more than ever, we need to rally everyone who cares about mental health and wellbeing. Mentera is the only community committed to creating connections between employers, payers, providers, and everyone in between who is focused on mental health. Join leading mental health and wellbeing innovators, thought leaders, and disruptors. Join Mentera.

What we do

We invite you to join the conversation with our Think Tanks, Care Chats, and Wellness Workshops events. Each is designed for a different purpose, from talks that address big picture questions like what major corporations are doing to care for employees, to in-depth workshops that train HR professionals how to put initiatives into practice, to in-person think tanks that help leaders change the way the world feels.

Think Tanks

Mentera’s Think Tanks are the industry’s leading social events for like-minded professionals to forge authentic connections, create change, and foster long-lasting relationships.

Care Chats

Mentera’s Care Chat series discusses the critical need for organizations to have a Care Stack and evaluate & improve mental and behavioral health resources in the workplace. 

Wellness Workshops

Mentera’s Wellness Workshops, hosted by LifeLabs Learning, are designed for Human Resources professionals that are leading or implementing wellness and benefits programs.

Let’s face it—the one-size fits all approach to mental health is so outdated.

Introducing the Care Stack: a new approach for businesses looking to meet their employees’ mental health needs at every level.

We believe this concept’s time has come and we’re putting together unique experiences to share it with the world. Mentera helps you gain insights and inspiration for building a mental health strategy for your business. Whether it’s through our digital or in-person experiences, we invite you to join our passion and change the way the world feels. It’s time to get better. Let’s do it – together.

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Join us as we envision a new era of mental health

Join us as we envision a new era of mental health

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