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Wellness Workshops

Mentera’s Wellness Workshops, hosted by LifeLabs Learning, are designed for HR professionals that are leading or implementing wellness and benefits programs. Join our partner workshops to receive SHRM credits and actionable insights on improving your mental and behavioral health and wellness environment in your workplace.

 Mentera has partnered with leading solutions providers to bring actionable education that you and your team can implement and help improve the quality of work life immediately. Credits are provided by our partners after completion of the session. Interested in partnering with us to provide SHRM credit classes to our audience? Contact Katie Lind, Mentera Sales Executive, for more details.

Wellness Workshops Calendar


April 5

Kevin Knox

Rapid Trust Skills: Boost Psychological Safety to Boost Team Performance

Hosted by Lifelabs Learning
Wednesday, April 5 | 1:00 – 2:00 pm et

Research shows that trust is the number one differentiator of high performing teams. Why? Teams with high levels of psychological safety innovate more, learn faster, and perform better. In contrast, teams with low psychological safety are doomed to repeat mistakes and avoid sharing new ideas. In this mini-workshop by LifeLabs Learning, we’ll share research and tools that help you quickly build trust within and among teams at your company, even in cross-cultural and hybrid environments. 

  • Create productive vulnerability  
  • Diagnose common trust blockers and identify solutions to fix them, faster 
  • Increase team learning behaviors to more effectively learn from mistakes   

June 7

Kevin Knox

Collaboration Lab: From Conflict that Hinders, to Conflict that Helps  

Hosted by Lifelabs Learning
Wednesday, June 7 | 1:00 – 2:00 pm et

Research shows that poor collaboration is a top predictor of strategic failure. On the positive side, teams that practice the art of productive conflict are more innovative and successful than those that do not. In this mini-workshop for People Ops, we’ll equip you with tools to foster collaboration across teams, cultures, and work environments at your organization. 

  • How to diagnose conflict hotspots and skillfully navigate them 
  • Tools to bridge the gap between different team cultures and collaboration styles 
  • Pro-tips to scale these habits across your organization