A new approach to mental health:

The Care Stack

Care Stack

Mental Health Affects Everyone

The mental health and wellbeing of our world is at a crisis point. No one person, company, or provider can solve this challenge alone. We need the best minds, the most passionate hearts, and the collective energy of anyone who cares enough to take action to join the conversation and help improve the way the world feels.

The Mentera Care Stack

HR leaders need help assessing their employees’ needs. Mentera created the Care Stack for employers to benchmark their mental health & wellness programs and determine where they should focus their resources. From everyday wellbeing outlets to isolated acute conditions, Mentera delivers the resources employers need to meet the needs of their workforces.


Supporting employees as they overcome and create a new life


Supporting employees living with mental health conditions


Finding care for employees during escalated needs


Taking care of your employees’ mental health

Access articles, whitepapers, and more to help you support your employees’ mental health and wellbeing.

Join the Conversation

We invite you to join the mental health & wellness conversation with Mentera Care Chats, Wellness Workshops and Think Tanks, where the brightest minds and most passionate hearts guide conversations around what leading employers are doing for employees and how any business can put the Care Stack into practice.


Wellness Workshops


Join us as we envision a new era of mental health

Join us as we envision a new era of mental health

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