Jennifer Elmquist

Jen Elmquist

Jennifer Elmquist

LT Mind Executive Director, Life Time

Throughout two decades of professional experience, Jen Elmquist’s mission has been to normalize and destigmatize mental health while making it consumer friendly. Her contributions to this goal include clinical, corporate and academic service along with writing, speaking and SME media appearances. Jen is a Benjamin Franklin Award winning author for her book Relationship Reset and has been featured in media outlets, including HuffPost, Thrive Global, Inc., Business Insider, Apple News, Fox, and NBC. 
As a devoted leader and believer in people, progress and possibilities, Jen consults with organizations to develop and deliver innovative mental health solutions. Her current project, Life Time Mind, is an internal holistic performance coaching program, serving over 8000 employees at Life Time, a publicly traded health and fitness company with over 160 locations in the US and Canada.