How Do You Manage Your Way Out of the Quiet Quitting Crisis?

The term “quiet quitting” has gone viral across social media over the past few months, and although the term is relatively new (a search for “quiet quitting” on Google trends shows an abrupt rise to a peak in late August), the idea has been a

The Impact of Children’s Mental Health on the Workforce

How the youth mental health crisis is disrupting employees and what employers can do to help

How one of the largest consumer and B2B digital mental health companies is connecting DEIB and mental health to support its own employees

The past two years have brought unprecedented attention to the issues of mental health and social justice. The combined strain of the pandemic and racial injustices across the US forced many people, especially millennials and Gen Zs, to reexamine the

When Did HR Become the New IT?

Historically, HR hasn’t received the same level of prioritization as other departments like IT, Sales, or Marketing. That’s about to change. Through the collective trauma of COVID, the uncertainty of the Great Resignation, and recent mass layoffs

The Impact of DEI on Mental Health: Personal Connection 

Natasha Bowman, 2022 Top Voice for #MentalHealth and Founder of the Bowman Foundation for Workplace Equality and Mental Wellness, shared with us her inspiring story of life and leadership.

The Impact of DEI on Mental Health: Data in Action

Dennis Robbins, PhD, sat down with Robert Raleigh, PhD, Managing Director at PathSight Predictive Science to bring in the numbers through behavioral science data and real-world initiatives to show how to move past division and bring people together.