Virtual Event: The Impact of DEI on Mental Health

What are the biggest social issues you are trying to tackle as an HR leader? You may be surprised that the top two are more connected than you realize. Mentera’s “The Impact of DEI on Mental Health” includes 1.5 hours of impactful content broken down into four vignettes that highlight different aspects of DEI and mental health. Each are designed to connect you with powerful thought leadership and actionable takeaways to increase your connection to two of the most vital issues of this era. Our speakers are changemakers, allies, and people with lived experience who are working to shift the way we think about the intersection of DEI and mental health.

Part 1: Use Case Study 

Highlight of Headspace Health, a company actively pursuing equity in mental health. Headspace Health not only is changing the narrative for its customers, but also developing leading DEI initiatives internally. Cornell Verdeja-Woodson discusses their solutions and the impact they’re making for their customers and employees.

Part 2: Data in Action 

PathSight Predictive Science is changing the conversation about DEI and mental health by bringing in the numbers. What the data shows is that we are more alike than we are different and finding the common ground is the first step to having real change. Using behavioral science data and real world initiatives, Robert Raleigh, PhD shows how to move past division and bring people together in an effective way.

Part 3: Personal Connection 

Our keynote proves that that challenges that come from living a life at the intersection of DEI and mental health are not insurmountable. Natasha Bowman’s inspiring story of life and leadership brings these two sometimes abstract topics into vibrant color and will give hope to those who have experienced these challenges themselves.

Part 4: Mental Health Conversation Moment with Mentera 

We invite the audience to join the conversation, pose questions and challenge the norms of what mental health practices are and should be. Extending invitations to those who lead will be key to the richness of the work that’s to be done in workplace mental health.

Headspace Health, PathSight, and Natasha Bowman