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Care Stack On Demand

The Care Stack Summit

solutions to support employee mental health

Introducing the Care Stack: a new approach for businesses looking to meet their employee’s mental health needs no matter where they are. We believe it’s a concept whose time has come and Mentera is hosting the Care Stack Summit to share it with the world. For this virtual event, Mentera is bringing together leaders and influencers at top companies across industries looking for the best solutions to support employee mental health. Together we’ll learn through real conversations with the thought leaders, innovators and champions helping to create a new era of mental health.

DEI On Demand

The Impact of DEI on Mental Health

Changing the conversation of dei and mental health

Mentera’s “The Impact of DEI on Mental Health” includes 1.5 hours of impactful content broken down into four vignettes that highlight different aspects of DEI and mental health. Each are designed to connect you with powerful thought leadership and actionable takeaways to increase your connection to two of the most vital issues of this era. Our speakers are changemakers, allies, and people with lived experience who are working to shift the way we think about the intersection of DEI and mental health.