Care Chats

Care Chats

Mentera’s Care Chat series discusses the critical need for every organization to have a Care Stack and evaluate & improve mental and behavioral health resources in the workplace. 

Designed for anyone that wants to be part of the mental health in the workplace conversations, monthly we bring together experts from companies that have pledged to improve wellbeing at work to share what they are doing at their companies to improve the mental wellness of their employees. Interested in supporting our care chats? Learn more.

Care Chats Hosted by Natasha Bowman

Natasha Bowman is one of the most well-known names in workplace expertise. She’s often mentioned with names such as Simon Sinek, Brene Brown, and Adam Grant. As an acclaimed champion for workplace equity, she has been named a Top 30 Global Guru in management, a Top 200 Voice in Leadership, and a LinkedIn Top Voice for Mental Health. She is a two-time author, TEDx Speaker, Forbes Contributor, media maven, and President of NYC-based leadership development firm, Performance ReNEW. 

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Natasha Bowman is one of the most well-known names in workplace expertise. She’s often mentioned with names such as Simon Sinek, Brene Brown, and Adam Grant. As an acclaimed champion for workplace equity, she has been named a Top 30 Global Guru in management, a Top 200 Voice in Leadership, and a LinkedIn Top Voice for Mental Health. She is a two-time author, TEDx Speaker, Forbes Contributor, media maven, and President of NYC-based leadership development firm, Performance ReNEW. 

As a social media influencer, Natasha uses her platform to tackle challenging and sensitive subjects and is not afraid to ruffle feathers with her commentary about creating workplaces and societies. After her bipolar diagnosis in 2021, Natasha has become a relentless advocate for mental health, specifically by urging organizations to promote cultures of mental wellness.

Her latest vision is The Bowman Foundation for Workplace Equity and Mental Wellness. She hopes to create healthy work environments for everyone through The Bowman Foundation regardless of their employer’s ability to fund DEI initiatives. She is committed to changing lives and saving lives by advocating for psychologically safe and healthy work cultures.

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Ebony Travis Tichenor

Permission to be Well: Elements of Successful Employee Wellness Programs

Ebony J. Travis Tichenor, Director, Global Well-Being and HR Employee Policies, Boston Scientific

Executives and Human Resource leaders are looking for support when building a business case for employee investment. Now more than ever, post Covid, employees see the workplace as a place for mental health support.

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To properly craft and implement a plan, you’ll need to understand the considerations. Introducing the Mentera Care Stack – a playbook to help you improve your company’s Mental Health. Join Ebony J. Travis Tichenor as she shows you how to give your company permission to be well. Topics include: 

  • How company leaders and Human Resources professionals can begin to holistically consider a company’s mental health and make improvements for their employees 
  • Ways a mental health program benefits both workforce attraction and retention 
  • What Boston Scientific is currently doing and the results they are experiencing 
  • An introduction to the Mentera Care Stack, a playbook for achieving better wellness across your workforce 

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Jen Elmquist

Building Employee Wellbeing to Improve Happiness & Job Performance

Jennifer Elmquist, LT Mind Executive Director, Life Time

Attracting talent, hiring, onboarding, managing employees, and sometimes layoffs keep company leaders and Human Resource professionals busy. Because HR has so much to do, improving existing employee engagement and productivity is not always given top priority. There is no shortage of ways to help employees be productive and happy, but there are consistent steps to be taken to get it right. Join Jen Elmquist with Life Time as she shares the story and success of the LT Mind program for employees, from how it started as a pre-pandemic pilot through today.

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Topics include:

  • How Life Time Mind was built with care, trust, and privacy at its core
  • Mental health tools employees have access to through the program
  • Overall feedback and results
  • Using the Mentera Care Stack playbook to create a plan
Jeff Mader

Beyond the Employee: Supporting Employees and Their Families

Jeff Mader, Retired CIO of Sun Country Airlines

The definition of “family” is changing. By taking a holistic approach to employee support, employers can create a positive and supportive work environment that benefits both employees and their families. What ways can employers and their HR teams use to support employees during a healthcare crisis, a time of personal loss, or other unexpected event? Join Jeff Mader, former CIO at Sun Country Airlines, to hear about his journey with a critical illness. 

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Jeff Mader walks you through the key steps to getting started. Topics include: 

  • Jeff’s personal journey, from disclosing a disease before hire to post-retirement
  • What stands out as lessons learned around open dialogue between employer/employee
  • Considerations for employers around hiring / supporting important talent without dismissing those with volatile situations
  • Using the Mentera Care Stack playbook to create your plan 
Jeri Herman

Destigmatizing Mental Health at Work

Jeri Herman, EVP, Chief People Officer, Cengage

The workplace is changing for the better to include a different mindset about mental health benefits for employees. Many companies are trying new ways to bolster their offerings and are providing engaging ways to elevate the conversations about overall mental health in the workplace. Join Jeri Herman, EVP, Chief People Officer at Cengage, as she discusses their approach.

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Topics include:

  • How Cengage Group supports mental health through both its benefits offerings and its culture/ways of working
  • The role of the Mental Health Alliance ERG at Cengage Group
  • How we’re measuring ourselves and where we’ve made adjustments
  • Using the Mentera Care Stack playbook to create a plan
Sunny Grosso

Fostering Connections Through People & Purpose

Sunny Grosso, Culture Chief, Delivering Happiness

Research shows that employees need more than a mission at work. They need purpose and relationships to feel connected to their work, and to reach peak engagement, where the business also starts to see increasing returns on ROI. Using the “science” of happiness, employers can encourage employees to be their true selves, to show up with passion and purpose, and use their work community to sustain happiness. 

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Sunny Grosso, workplace culture expert and Culture Chief at Delivering Happiness, will share:

  • How to help employees find a higher purpose through meaningful work
  • Paths to sustainably address burnout through relationship fostering at work
  • Approaches for C-suite leaders and managers to foster trust and autonomy, to increase mental wellbeing at work
  • How to use the Mentera Care Stack playbook to create a plan
Sheila Krueger

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Building a Culture of Trust and Privacy in the Workplace

Sheila Krueger, Formerly, Head of Global Benefits, Zoom Video Communications

Launching a wellness plan isn’t just about picking a vendor and sending out communications. Employees need and want to feel protected when they express vulnerability, especially in the workplace. Ensuring the privacy of personal data is important, but you must also be a trusted employer to launch a successful mental health plan. There are many parallels we see in our healthcare plans. Given the continuing stigma of mental health, there is a fine balance between over-marketing your plan and providing a safe space for employees in need. Join Sheila Krueger, Former Head of Global Benefits at Zoom Video Communications, as she shares how to leverage your mental health and healthcare partners to provide a safety net of mental health benefits.

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Topics include:

  • Writing your communications for launch…and beyond, creating a safe space
  • How to target your communications using data analytics
  • Flexibility is important. Not everyone needs to pass “GO” and head directly to a psychiatrist! 
Lena Davydov

Mental Health at Work Case Study: How Hilton “Cares for All”

Lena Davydov, Senior Director, US Benefits, Hilton

People are looking for a human experience at work. Employees don’t want a work experience, or their life to fit into a good job. They want work to fit into a good life. And that’s what Hilton set out to solve for with various efforts around mental wellbeing and caregiving. Join Lena Davydov, Senior Director of Benefits, to hear about Hilton’s efforts around building a fully human experience at work and tapping into the transcendent needs of the Hilton workforce.

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Topics include: 

  • How Hilton’s “Care for All” program builds on the mental wellbeing initiative to expand support for all forms of caregiving
  • Why Hilton is recognized for its exceptional and resilient workplace culture as it looks towards future mental health initiatives
Solome Tibebu

Behavioral Health Trends in the Workplace: Fad or Future?

Solome Tibebu, Founder & CEO, Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech

Health plans, employers, health systems, behavioral health providers, startups, investors, and policymakers all make up the system that supports mental health care and addictions treatments. Join Solome Tibebu, Founder & CEO of Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech, as she shares her insights into innovation, trends, and disruptions she’s seeing in the behavioral and mental health industry as it related to workplace wellbeing. 


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Topics include:

  • Wide industry trends and shifts across the healthcare ecosystem
  • A peek at industry technology innovators who are breaking barriers
  • Tools being developed and used successfully
James Olney
James Olney

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Changing Regulations at Work: Psychedelics & Cannabis in the Workplace 

James Olney, Senior Employment Law Attorney, Senior Vice President, USI Insurance Services
Sherry Rais, CEO and Co-Founder, Enthea

Join our panel of industry experts as they look at current federal and state policies around cannabis and psychedelic therapy legalization, and the ensuing risks and benefits for employers interested in adding policies for these drugs to their mental health programs.

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Topics include: 

  • The stigma around marijuana and psychedelic drugs to treat mental health conditions 
  • Explore the latest in policy change and research 
  • Ways HR professionals can begin to think about moving the needle for their employees 
  • How our panelists see their companies approaching the changing environment
Hebba Youssef

A Year-End Review and 2024 Outlook for Workplace Mental Health Initiatives

Hebba Youssef, Chief People Officer, Workweek & I Hate it Here

Workplaces in 2023 witnessed significant advancements in mental health initiatives for the workplace, recognizing the pivotal role in overall employee well-being. Hebba Youssef, Chief People Officer at Workweek & I Hate it Here joins Natasha Bowman for a year-end review of the best (and worst) things they witnessed in HR in 2023. As 2024 approaches, they’ll talk about why mental health is top of mind for employers next year, and expectations for advancing existing programs to better meet needs.


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Topics include:

  • How 2023 brought an increased focus on employee wellbeing for physical, mental, social, and financial health
  • Technology trends, like AI, and how those will impact and improve access to resources
  • Ways to improve training and education for employees and leadership
  • The gold standards of an authentic and comprehensive well-being and mental health program in 2024

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